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Ujung Kulon - Synopsis

Ujung Kulon - Synopsis

A powerful psychological drama unfolds in the jungle of Ujung Kulon as Dominique, a wild-life sound-recordist, disappears without trace. Mitchell, her cameraman colleague, has been searching for her for months without success. Exhausted and feverish, he returns to London, where Villiers, Dominique’s husband, suspicious and determined to find out the truth, mounts his own search. Together, the two men travel back to the reserve, their mutual distrust as thick between them as the sweltering humidity of the jungle. The dark oppressive atmosphere of the reserve begins to disturb their minds, as Mitchell, still keeping his secrets to himself, becomes more and more unhinged, subtly obstructing the progress of their search and taunting Villiers with the failure of his marriage. Villiers, sensing how the landscape may have triggered primal responses from Dominique’s delicately balanced mind, and convinced that she is still alive, continues to press further into the treacherous jungle. Deep in the heart of the rainforest, Dominique, Villiers and Mitchell are enmeshed in a dark triangle of obsession, betrayal and spiralling jealousy, their vulnerabilities constantly exposed by the raw primeval power of the equatorial wilderness. Mitchell, the wild-life cameraman, obsessed with capturing images of nature at its most brutal and raw, is locked in a perpetual battle with his own savage past, precipitated by Dominique's sudden disappearance into acting out a compulsive script of mounting ruthlessness. Counterpoised against this, Villiers, blinded by an idealistic sense of altruism, is determined to find Dominique and discover the truth behind what has happened to her. Throughout this story, part-psychodrama, part-fable, the brooding figure of Dominique, consumed by the horrors of her own childhood, sits like a dark magnet at the heart of the unfolding events, drawing the two rivals to her in a rapidly escalating nightmare.


Ujung Kulon, John Edmiston

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