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Ujung Kulon, Ujungkulon, Waitapu, Waitapu Publishing, John Edmiston, Edmiston, novel, books, novelist, writing, literature, written work, fiction, automatic writing, surrealist, trance, surreal, surrealism, visionary writing, magic realism

Ujung Kulon, the new novel by John Edmiston, is published by Waitapu on July 13th.

Ujung Kulon


In the jungle of Ujung Kulon, Dominique, a wildlife sound-recordist, has disappeared. Mitchell, her cameraman, has been searching for her for months without success. Exhausted and feverish, he returns to London, where Villiers, Dominique’s husband, suspicious and determined to find out the truth, mounts his own search. Together the two men travel back to the reserve, their mutual distrust as thick between them as the sweltering humidity. The oppressive atmosphere of the reserve begins to unhinge their minds, as Mitchell, keeping his secrets to himself, obstructs their search, taunting Villiers with the failure of his marriage. Villiers senses how the landscape may have triggered Dominique’s delicately balanced mind and convinced she is still alive, presses on. Deep in the heart of the equatorial wilderness, Dominique, Villiers and Mitchell are enmeshed in a dark triangle of obsession, betrayal and spiralling jealousy, their vulnerabilities constantly exposed by the raw primeval power of the rainforest.

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